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Arcadia Bend


This debut from creative duo Arcadia is an easy hit that offers a brilliant balance between infectious melody-lines and that authentic, alternative pop sound so many indie fans seek out.

Bend is a song with a simple set-up, but Arcadia know this – they’ve taken specific steps to make certain that simplicity is effective; utilising the benefits of something that’s emotional yet easily memorable. The opening riff, for example, is one that quickly weaves its way into your subconscious mind, and so every time it reappears – or whenever you hear it playing in the distance, from here on in – you know the song, you know the vibe; it’s familiar and subsequently comforting. Alongside of this is the song’s hook, which is equally minimalist yet bright, swiftly becoming recognisable in a smooth and satisfying way – as opposed to forcibly and loudly making certain you’ve heard it.

The vibe of this track is lush, it grows more and more enjoyable as you listen further – and all for just being what it is, creating the mood that it naturally does. The music has an addictive little groove that fits the calming tone of the leading voice and that mellow delivery in a blissful, summer-time-appropriate fashion.

On top of all of this, or rather – running inherently through it – is the song’s concept and title. The lyrics feel at first to be fairly classic of indie-pop, some sort of personal love story, accessible and easy to understand. As things progress though, the band have approached the topic in new way – a once again simple but nonetheless effective way. Short lines bring the singer into the centre of the story, reflecting on life and love both literally and abstractly as the song moves forwards. The references are not overly detailed, you just get a few snippets of what it all means, so as a listener you can connect your own meanings to it – and that’s where good songs become great.

Bend is a superb debut, immediately warming and indicative of a band who genuinely love making music. The latter half of the track underlines this even more so, the groove takes over – the guitars, the drum-line, the bass – fitting and rather magical performances from every angle. As stated – an easy hit. Well worth adding to the playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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