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Ar4$u Shoot Me With Your Heart


Retro synths and rising energy back up the classic rap flow of alternative artist Ar4$u. The new project Shoot Me With Your Heart presents a seven-track exploration of precisely what the title implies – the intricacies of relationships gone wrong, the highs and lows of love and heartbreak – and does so in a creatively distinct way.

??? kicks thigs off as a sort of floor-filler alternative soundtrack. The flow is fast-paced and loaded with references, but always we resolve to an anthemic hook repeat – a songwriting awareness that continues to connect throughout the project.

Self-produced, uninhibited and authentic in its indie freedom, Shoot Me With Your Heart leads with unique instrumentals and a cleanly mixed, honest and raw vocal approach. The EP is eclectic but well-rooted amidst the quickly recognisable style of Ar4$u.

Consider the shift to an hypnotically rising and falling FS – a new vocal melody and rhythm, a new story that again blends a sort of freestyle, freely streaming approach with an essential moment of grounding for the familiar return of the hook.

Then for On Your Phone, lightly hazy synths create an all the more immersive hit of escapism. The rap flow is classic old school, mellow and relatable, personal but accessible. Ar4$u changes pace again throughout the structure, maintaining that songwriting strength so often missing from modern hip hop. This track has a mellow and reflective energy, hints of vulnerability and optimism in the lyrics, with a great underlying synth-pop production – a definite highlight.

After this, Press Save brings back the retro gamer tones and a fresh melody, returning to the quicker-paced call and response of modern rap, for another series of events relating to specific details in the downfall of this relationship. Ar4$u impresses with his breathless flow and wordplay here.

The title-track Shoot Me With Your Heart relays the overall inspiration for the EP, a melodic wave of synths and a catchy hook that consistently lets us regroup throughout a creatively versatile performance. Then for Gozen, the catchy aspect takes the reigns entirely – a euphoric arrangement of synths, a rise and fall vocal of lower depth adding a memorable progression, and in between these moments, the verses again seem to employ a freestyle and fun attitude on the mic.

Wrapping things up is something of a heavier alternative rap track. Ring! is a boldly individual expression of ideas, artistically its own thing, with eclectic verses and an extensive outpouring of sentiments relating to the power of desire and the contrasting weight of an impending breakup. It’s a romantic but again quirky, gamer-esque portrayal, and marks perhaps the most distinct and unorthodox track of the project.

In short, Ar4$u’s fearlessly independent take on modern Hip Hop is all at once entertaining and poignant. It’s difficult to make music that stands out these days, given the saturation of the realm, but Shoot Me With Your Heart puts in a mighty and unusual but likable attempt.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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