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AR Base Not Forgotten (Feat. Tallie Rogers)


Renowned Gospel singer Tallie Rogers features on the beautifully compelling new single from AR Base. Paying tribute to faith, a higher power, the single stylishly fuses the ambient choir vibes of Gospel, with hints of subtle soul and rock; evolving consistently and passionately throughout its post-four-minute lifespan.

Not Forgotten emerges with a classic, enjoyably nostalgic aura. The set-up is blissfully organic, giving off the sense of this being a live performance, right there in the moment with you. Even in this setting though, the raw presentation takes nothing away from the unity between performers, and between the elements of the song itself. On the contrary, it seems to reinforce the heart, soul and understanding at the center of the song.

Not Forgotten offers a sense of togetherness, an optimistic and encouraging level of comfort that aims to help listeners or those the song is directed at overcome feelings of isolation. God has not forgotten you resounds throughout the recording, with numerous voices emotively pouring their own gratitude and genuine belief into the process, in a musically powerful and authentic fashion.

Beautiful. A mighty reminder that things can and will get better.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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