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AR Base Grievous Words


AR Base presents both some classically smooth RnB vibes on this single and a concept that’s easily worthy of a little consideration. Grievous Words is a single from the longer project Press On, and for those who are new to the AR Base approach to creativity and music – it makes for the perfect starting point.

The song has a fairly full sound about it, despite the smooth vibes and the soulful vocals – there’s a lot going on, the ambiance has plenty of detail and the pace is a little quicker than the average RnB or smooth pop offering. The clap of the beat keeps things moving at a steady rate but adds further to this nostalgic, rather vintage set-up – helping give the song character. The synths and keys featured throughout pour even more of this into the mix, so you’re already introduced to a somewhat retro and uplifting musicality before you even get into the vocals and the lyrics.

The lyrics are undoubtedly what drives the song, for the most part. As suggested, this concept – that it’s occasionally better to stay silent than to speak only severe or unpleasant words – is one that undeniably deserves a little attention. It’s also one that hasn’t, to my knowledge, been put forth in much of modern music. The leading voice delivers it by means of a smooth and soulful, meandering melody-line, and meets the requirements of each moment and each string of notes in a natural manner.

The second time you hear the song, you’re likely to be more equipped to follow the lyrics – you know the soundscape now, the additional voices are less of a distraction. There are multiple layers of vocals within this piece, but once you know where you are, this works to reinforce each idea and to present a choir-like sense of calm and togetherness – something that again holds close to the inherent values of the song and indeed the artist.

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