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Singer and songwriter APOSTOLA presents the purity of acoustic performance intermittently with the dreamlike embrace of electronic production, alongside the unwavering honesty of intimate, unapologetic songwriting throughout this brand new EP.

Beginning with an extension of the title, 5 Minutes Of Fame quickly introduces the singer’s voice, her passion and energy, and the open and clear manner of writing that she drives with. The song has a blatant intention at its core, and this stands tall throughout – the vocal takes centre stage and keeps the lyrics and angst at the forefront of the experience.

As the project goes on, things get notably eclectic. The songwriting style and the leading voice remain constant threads, a recognizable character trait of the artist, but I Won’t Wait For You immediately redirects things towards the distorted weight and pace of a dance-pop or electronic rock track.

The vocal is more distant now, yet still that volume and desire to be heard sends the lyrics coursing through the airwaves above all else. Meanwhile though, the production and the various intricacies, the set-up and particularly the drop, all helps build something refreshing and considerably powerful.

Mixing things up all the more so is the gradually intensifying and brilliantly captivating Parade. Another highlight, a clear-cut song that utilizes a select few elements to effectively envelop listeners and lead with absolute empowerment and controlled emotion. A satisfying melody accompanies a clever progression in the writing, and the whole thing makes sense structurally, and resolves with unquestionable skill.

My Sanity varies again as a beautifully finger-picked guitar intro accompanies a soft folk-pop ambiance and a much more gentle, smoother vocal lead. The lyrics, the melody and the delivery here are all united beautifully, and the calming shuffle of the beat and this chord progression all works perfectly well as one. A definite highlight, a classic pop alternative with its roots among the likes of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn. Perhaps the sudden loving nature of the story-line has played a heavy role in the performance, the first two songs dealt with difficulty, resentment, regret, whereas this one showcases gratitude and appreciation, and it shines gorgeously throughout. A great way to go out.

APOSTOLA is undoubtedly a passionate and talented artist, unconfined by genre, and intent on making her point with clear and honest lyrics every step of the way. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes her in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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