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Antonio Eyez Love Like This


Celebrating the art of the remix whilst introducing an artistic edge that intrigues and appeals, Antonio Eyez re-crafts the contemporary electronic sound with a retro look back at the melody and intimacy of Love Like This.

Featuring nostalgic bass and rhythm work, and that equally yesteryear vocal style of Prince-esque tendencies and expression, Love Like This proves a uniquely alternative deep-dive into sound-design and creative exploration.

Offering stylish fragments of soulful guitar and multiple layers of voice, the bass-line and beat make up the constant groove, but the rest of the song meanders freely in a manner that keeps things consistently interesting – and keeps the passion evolving and growing throughout.

Increasingly bold and immersive, the latter half elevates things for its fusion of layers and the clear rising energy of the delivery and the whole arrangement.

Producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Antonio Eyez unites all manner of styles from RnB to soul, funk, rock and alternative pop, and Love Like This – a product of his new connection with LoveChild Productionshighlights that uninhibited artistry in an infectious and memorable way.

Really nicely done, addictive in its embrace and the refreshingly unusual way in which the whole thing has been performed and structured.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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