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Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers The Deeper Experience EP


After a series of stunning singles, the one and only Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers have finally released a brand new EP of originals – a longer playlist of soulful, inspiring and hopeful tracks, crafted and performed to the sensational quality consistently delivered from the act.

Featuring a welcomed touch of eclecticism throughout the five songs, moments of electric-guitar-led funk are met with the blissful embrace of The Overcomers choir, performing at the highest level imaginable as they meander through these passionate and powerful lyrics and melodies with unforgettable skill and brightness. Awesome Mighty is all of this, and kicks off the EP in an upbeat and engaging fashion.

Immediately afterwards, that versatility takes the lead, as a softly acoustic Empty offers a smooth solo performance and calming ambiance to bring you back down to earth just briefly.

Arrangement is crucial on an EP or album – making certain to hold audience attention and affection with variety, whilst also maintaining those threads of strength that first drew them in. The Deeper Experience has mastered that balance.

From electric guitar to piano, live drums and likable riffs, softly infectious melodies and impeccable soul, these five songs present a brief glance back at the soul records of the nineties, combined with a refreshingly crisp and original take on faith and performance that’s often breathtaking.

We Adore You (remix) mixes things up again, a confident, shoulder-swaying song that leads with another new vocal and a whispered, spoken word intro that creates a powerful dynamic with the choir vocals behind it. The other aspect of arrangement, that which is the very set-up and structure of a song, is another quality The Overcomers are faultlessly masterful at.

Then we get the descending piano and rising strings of Surrender, anther new instrumental layout, a simple click of a rhythm, and a softly hypnotic, smooth vocal lead that swiftly prompts you to turn up the volume and tune in with all of your heart and attention. The rise up is superb, the unity between choir members incomparable, and the simple, minimalist set-up here compliments that level of ability and oneness in the perfect way. By the final quarter, the passion is overwhelming – the feeling of possibility, beauty and connection, rains down in the most uplifting and powerful manner.

With Glory we get the mellow weight of a tribal drum-line, a contrasting electronic synth-riff, and an unexpected fusion of genres that again injects a hit of respectable versatility. The band can write songs and sing in just about any setting, and that’s a rare and commendable trait. This one is a personal favourite, a song and vocal lead that progress in a breathtakingly beautiful and passionate, almost achingly authentic fashion.

The final song on the EP brings a touch of acoustic guitar and a gorgeous sense of softness, intimacy, and appreciation. You Alone is like a wave of warmth, washing through the room and ending the playlist in a deeply soothing yet equally impassioned way. The band truly get lost in the emotion and dedication of the moment as things evolve, and this is something so genuine and compelling in every case.

Undoubtedly an act worth looking out for as the live music scene returns to our world. This EP is a pleasure to let play, for followers of Faith and simple fans of immensely impressive Soul and Gospel alike.

EP Out Friday June 12th – Download it via iTunes. Find & follow The Overcomers on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

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