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Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers Joy


It feels like it’s been a fair while since I last reviewed the beautiful music of Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers. It’s always quite certain to be an enjoyable listening experience and a pleasure to write about, this latest offering Joy is no exception at all.

There’s a stylish edge to this track, production wise, and as a result the song comes through as fresh and perhaps a step in a slightly new musical direction for the band. The music is stunning, as always, and the song itself has the absolute melodic strength of any powerful, soulful R&B or Gospel ballad.

The sound is immaculate, from the performances to the placement of the voices within the mix, the contrast between the lightness of the melodic delivery and the electronic edge of the music makes for something incredibly uplifting. You can actually hear the potential for remixes with this one, there’s an underlying energy that gives off an EDM sort of vibe – the beat, the synths, the quickness of the pre-chorus melody. The great thing about it is that all of this resolves by means of an authentic and emotional chorus section, not veering off into the unknown, but holding tight to that original Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers sound that is uniquely their’s at this moment in time.

Joy is a great song, enjoyable throughout and notably memorable even after a single listen. The passion and soul in the leading vocal and indeed in the surrounding, more delicate vocals, is unquestionable. This ties the delivery to the song’s sentiment in a genuine way, so the depth of their message and their faith remains undeniable. On top of all of this though, this is a superbly well crafted, beautifully performed, and flawlessly produced new single. The songwriting inspires and brings about a feeling of hopefulness, something which, in my opinion, is likely to be true regardless of the audience receiving it. That’s the power of great music.

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