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Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers Deeper


This is the kind of song that comes across as having had so much thought and effort put into it’s making, that it would be almost impossible not to listen intently, and to truly get soaked up by the sound.

From the moment the music begins, the softness of the guitar – so up close and personal, as if right there in the room with you; which is already a huge statement for the high quality of production involved. As the song opens up, the first thing you notice, and in fact feel, as you listen, is the sheer level of emotion coming through. The lead vocal has a wonderful combination of tenderness and depth, so the words are almost whispered, but with real meaning – so skillfully, and so intensely performed; a huge amount of focus and dedication is consistently clear. The ideas seem to span much further than the lines in the song allow, and that’s a gorgeous effect.

The sound of that lead vocal, the style of the performance, is quite reminiscent of the sort of gospel singers and bands that were hugely popular in the 90’s – it’s something not often stumbled upon in recent years, a vocal smoothness, and a clear array of technical ability as well. It’s refreshing, and quite nostalgic, though the melody and the subject matter is unique to this theme and this particular genre. Regardless of personal belief and preferences, the way this song has been written, performed, and produced, is so beautifully flawless, that to listen is to be blessed with a few moments of peace – reflection, thought, calmness, openness. The effect is powerful, and as a piece of music, as a song – this is something quite wonderful.

On a musical level, the overall ambiance has the effect of sounding quite minimal – somehow the individual elements add all the power necessary to make the track feel like something immense. For example, the guitar playing is simplistic, but beautiful – delicate finger picking, adding to that atmosphere. The piano, a similar effect, a certain smallness on it’s own, but combined with everything else – the sound just gets bigger and bigger. The lead vocal alone is captivating; the softness, and the genuine emotion that pours out with every line, is inescapably gripping. Then, to add to this, those subtle but hugely effective harmonies come into play. The voices work so perfectly together, even the simple addition of a vocal echo, just subtly placed at the end of each line – all of these elements work amazingly well, together, as a unit.

The song is beautiful. The emotion that comes forward through the music is incredible, the effect is sublime – the vocal performance as the track builds up towards it’s climax is just perfect. There’s nothing out of place, there is no need for overwhelming effects or additional sounds, there is nothing flashy, no sign of anyone trying too hard to impress – there is just this music, and these performances, that do everything that needs to be done.

The song has been presented in such a way that it just washes over you as you listen; relaxing you, reminding you of life, the world, feelings, thoughts. It’s a very powerful song, brilliantly polished, sounding beautiful – from start to finish. The leading melody, or hook, as we might otherwise call it, is one that repeats just enough times to get into your mind. You become familiar with it very quickly, but it doesn’t get tiresome. You remember it, you find yourself singing it, and you want to listen again – a¬†massively important quality for successful song writing.

Check it out for yourself. The band have a Website, you can also find and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to fully get involved in the movement. Be part of it.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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