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Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers Jealous


This could well be one of Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers’ most beautiful songs yet. Jealous is stunning, heartfelt and performed to such a supreme degree that it immediately feels like a classic soul ballad.

That leading voice is mesmerising, the tone and the delivery fit the mood and intention of this writing perfectly, so all that’s needed in the background are these dashes of choir-like whispers, a mellow beat, and a flicker of electric guitar in the distance.

The whole thing is so spacious and soothing to have fill the room, breathing life into the song at every step, feeling reminiscent of the likes of Boyz 2 Men in terms of the RnB-meets-gospel style, but keeping things focused and of depth in terms of the underlying faith and dedication to a higher power.

The Overcomers have never failed to craft an entrancing and enjoyable soundscape and song, but in this case they’ve excelled themselves. The very concept is fascinating, it strikes a chord in a way you might not expect, and the details are subtle – for the most part, the average listener will focus on this smooth wash of warmth, the comfort of the performance and the ambiance, and the idea implied by the word alone – the thought of what it is to be jealous. It’s a clever yet powerful way to write, and as the song builds the passion rises subtly but surely – exemplifying all of these earlier qualities and seeing the listener become all the more enveloped in the moment.

That melody and these words are easy to connect with and involve yourself in, which is a huge calling card in terms of effective pop songwriting. The gospel-RnB vibe is also one that’s likely to bring a touch of nostalgia for many listeners. In any case, Jealous is a beautiful track, high caliber performances and production give it the absolute strength and worth to be heard by many.

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Rebecca Cullen

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