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Annika Bellamy Summer O’clock


Representing perfectly the good vibes and free-flowing energy you’ll find within, Summer O’Clock is an aptly titled and quickly likable new single – one that fuses the familiar bounce of pop and dance-hall with a subtly unique vocal; a sense of identity that’s likely to stand tall throughout Annika Bellamy’s entire upcoming catalogue.

Leading with a creative balance between retro synths and contemporary samples and fragments of sound, Summer O’Clock introduces a partly nostalgic ambiance and melody, the sort that takes you back to the good old days – or quite simply takes you down to the beach; where the weight of the world can fall away for a while.

Production-wise those opening touches of colour lay out a welcoming and comforting scene – familiar, stylistically intentional. Then you get Bellamy’s leading voice, not cutting through the mix or riding on top of it, but cleverly and smoothly embedded within it – adding instrumental value as well as a clear hit of personality and recognisable tone. There’s a depth to her vocal presentation that seems quite rare of late, then during that rising melodic moment that is the pre-chorus you’re given a totally vintage, almost eighties-style instance of reflection and variation; throbbing in additional rareness and helping softly push that creative edge even further.

The track works hard structurally, and Annika as a leading lady works equally hard to maintain that level of smooth and simple good times. The song is not overly optimistic or loud, far from it – there’s a subtlety to the warmth and enjoyment it drives with, and this is a big part of why it works so well and is likely to appeal on a much broader level. There’s also a distinct opportunity for various remixes here. An easy hit to get you feeling free this summer – well worth a few spins on the road-trip.

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