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Stay is an album that presents listeners with a gorgeous array of heartfelt songwriting and eclectic musicianship. The project appears as consistently warm, stylish, and very easy to get into. One Minute is the opener and kicks things off with a classic pop-rock aura, plenty of instrumental colour, a gorgeous leading voice featuring some very subtle nuances, and a string of lyrics that seem all at once familiar and fresh. There’s a certain poetry to this writing style, and Ann’s singing voice portrays the emotion and sentiment of each song in the perfect way.

As you make your way through the album, there’s a definite thread that is the reflective nature of the writing, the arrangement of the melodies, and of course that now familiar leading voice. Everything else though, takes the form of the necessary moment – the energy of The Road Less Taken, for example, is completely different to that of the opener, yet it makes absolute sense as a follow-up. There’s a particular style and rhythm here that feels notably more Americana-inspired than pop, bringing a welcomed edge to the artistry and helping nudge the music in something of a Fleetwood Mac direction.

The concepts touched upon throughout this project hold the key to deep thinking in many ways. A lot of the verses are compiled of short, concise lines that allow very specific ideas to reach out and connect with their audience. On top of this, the music has been so thoughtfully crafted, that each passing thought is underlined intensely by everything that surrounds and supports it. The entire playlist is an easy must for fans of cleverly crafted, interesting, endlessly enjoyable songwriting. Ann Taylor’s voice has a soothing quality to it that works beautifully as the driving force behind the writing.

Download the album Stay via iTunes. Visit Ann Taylor’s Website for more information.

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