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Angelo Nicola Giuliano Visions / Angel’s Prayer


Introducing a story of faith and imagery united amidst a single piano line and provocative artistic image – composer and musician Angelo Nicola Giuliano delivers a stunning rendition of the Angel’s Prayer for humanity, in the form of a brief yet beautifully impactful release.

Exemplary not purely for the melodic design but the space, the quiet contemplation, and indeed the purity of the recording – the weight of the keys, the raw and intimate, somewhat muffled honesty of it all.

Rarely does such a complexly human performance of solo instrumental emerge in modern music, and it’s this complexity, contrasted by the calm and natural progression of the music itself, the subtle unpredictability of the notes, that makes for such a captivating, consistently moving listen. Both Visions and Angel’s Prayer comply to this fearlessly authentic manner of expression.

Spanning barely past the two-minute thirty-mark, the music presents the ache of concept and mood in a peaceful yet vastly melancholic wave, leaving its lostness and heartache lingering – as it should, in order to reinforce the underlying sentiments of our world falling increasingly towards destruction and its inevitable end.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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