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Angelic Relic I Hope You Know / Part Of You


Bringing together familiar melodic loops, lightness and space, with boldly raspy, recognisable vocals, and raps that seek to inspire a sense of hope and possibility in times of turmoil – poet and songwriter Angelic Relic lives up to the implications of his name with a series of releases.

I Hope You Know makes use of an MGMT riff gently presented, and a somewhat off-key yet captivatingly raw, tired vocal for the melody, before leaning into a clean-cut rap verse designed to uplift and remind listeners of the good things in life. This is the style, and these qualities continues throughout Angelic Relic’s creative collection.

Part Of You is a definite highlight, melodically delicate, soulful for its female melodic hook and the contrast between this and the increasingly passionate rap bars.

The music is beautiful, the performance increasingly gripping, revealing and honest, yet once again focused on optimism and personal strength. An inspiring and increasingly emotional piece, quickly progressing from good to great to quite stunning in its genuine take on brighter days, true values, and self-empowerment.

Elsewhere in the Angelic Relic catalogue, versatility stands tall in subtle ways that hold attention well. Consider the sudden pace and fullness of Down, an energizing anthem with addictive fragments of melody and a powerful set of bars that pour through in a breathless and deeply motivational manner.

Relic’s voice is familiar now, reliable, something you can trust in and follow along – hypnotised by its rhythm and conscious take on contemporary life and the role of the self. Well worth more than a few spins this year.

Other highlights in need of a listen are the again raw yet honest All I Know, and the peaceful and reflective, calming Nowadays, each progressing from simplicity to poetic complexity in a smooth and bright fashion.

Always Angelic Relic keeps that organic sound at the forefront, so both the delivery and his words connect with authenticity and humanity.

Check out Angelic Relic on Twitter or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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