Angeles - GOD, COUNTRY and KING - Stereo Stickman



There’s a much greater or more epic feel to this song than the simple acoustic introduction first seems to imply. Even during those introductory moments, as the guitar plays out around you, the leading voice has a certain depth and sense of anticipation within it that draws your attention from afar. Rightfully so, as things then start to build – the music and the passion of the piece explodes into life. The instrumentation reaches new heights of energy and expression, and that leading voice reaches even greater personal heights that help see you rising up with the band in the heat of the moment.

From a musical perspective, this feels like a medieval rock offering, verging from retro acoustic guitar picking – crisp and clean but still with a slightly vintage crackle – to the later distortion, drums, and multi-layered vibrancy that fills in every inch of space. The lyrics come second in some ways to the drama and weight of the music. Danny Ferreira’s voice is undoubtedly what holds tight to your attention, the power that pours through as the hook is repeated, particularly during the latter half of the recording – that title line appears with incredible impact and volume, so these four words and this short but descending melody alone are what lingers in your mind after listening.

Whenever you revisit the song though, once you’re familiar and less overwhelmed by the impressive set-up and the complex emotion running through it, the lyrics start to paint a clearer picture among the colour and rising intensity of the soundscape. The story is told, the band brings back the effort and detail of the eighties in a captivating way, and the song ignites a new and bright light within the music world.

Find out more about the release via Bongo Boy Records. Find & follow ANGELES on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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