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A blessing to discover something of depth and skill and clarity. Lashings of simple yet powerful lyrics repeat throughout the music of Angel Olsen, music which in itself is fairly minimal; guitar, synthesized ambiance, reverb washed vocals – yet it’s extremely effective – some kind of winning recipe, achieved only occasionally in a world overflowing with music.

We have yet to find a song we don’t like, and there’s enough variation between tracks that you don’t get bored of it at any point. Some of it feels like modern rock at it’s very best, and some is broken down to it’s core; simple, calming sincerity. Which did make it difficult to choose just one song for the feature, but we went with our gut. This was the first thing we heard and saw, and it still hits hard even after having experienced it a few times now.

Here’s the video for the piercingly beautiful track ‘Windows’.

To find out more about the compelling and creative songwriter that is Angel Olsen – visit her Website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. There are plenty more videos and tracks to get wrapped up in.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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