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Angel Castilloveitia Love Found Me


Organic piano and dreamy pop production creates an emotive mood from the outset, as rapper and artist Angel Castilloveita delivers a fresh take on contemporary Christian Pop.

Openly devoted to expressing gratitude and Faith, Love Found Me proves unexpectedly versatile in its creative structuring and fusion of genres. From dream-pop to hip hop and even EDM, the three-minute-thirty release presents a sense of near-euphoric escapism – fine mixing elevating an already colourful and engaging soundscape and performance.

Intertwined amidst this are deeply moving, reflective lyrics, rising up from vague observations on the self through vastly relatable ideas relating to Faith. We also get the culture and language shift with the second vocal, for further dynamic, but ultimately we always resolve to this title and central sentiment, and the set-up reinforces its importance beautifully.

“Broken, that’s where you found me, Beaten, that’s where you found me, Lost – that’s where you found me. Your love found me.”

Seemingly far more than a song but an artistic expression designed to hit with impact, the use of contrast featured throughout Love Found Me allows the bolder moments to connect with all the more strength.

We rise and fall as per the changing emotions of the lyrics, and Angel Castilloveitia makes sure to deliver these in a consistently authentic manner – quiet when relevant, more passionate at other times, and equally diverse in moving from one spoken flow or melodic trait to the next.

Love Found Me is a heartfelt and professionally-crafted release, uniting passion and precision as well as genres and styles in a seamless and striking manner. It’s a refreshing take, and swiftly provokes interest in the rest of Angel’s repertoire.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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