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Angel Boy Broken Lullaby


Angel Boy leads with intent and purpose on this latest single Broken Lullaby. The brief, minute and a half long track details the artist’s sense of conflict in progressing from someone who would work hard to hide any emotions or feelings, to someone who feels much more comfortable embracing and reflecting on them.

The first few moments of this single imply a delicate, dreamlike ambiance is set to emerge. Then you get the bass tones coming through, a light beat, and with that a sense of rising energy. Finally the leading voice and the full beat smash onto the scene. The beat is heavy, fast-paced but sporadic – the soundscape has been built creatively and the entire journey reflects the changing lyrical ideas really well. In contrast with the weight and speed of the beat though, the leading voice is fairly gentle in nature – a slight Owl City vibe comes through. The sound is mildly electronic, but not to the point that the natural emotion of the performance is lost – on the contrary, you can hear that these words mean something very real to the singer, and you can also note just subtly the changing levels of passion as the lyrical story-line progresses.

Broken Lullaby is a deeply thoughtful song but one that takes determination and realness to heart and presents both in a bright and vibrant fashion. The whole track feels a little like a diary entry or an outpouring of inner thoughts to highlight a step forwards – self empowerment, overcoming. The lyrics are beautiful, partly poetic and cleverly metaphorical, partly intimate and personal on a very honest level. The completed release is intensely uplifting, and this is in part due to the unity between the written ideas and the changing pace and mood of the music. It’s clearly something true to the individual behind it, but it also works well as a track for anyone aiming to lift themselves up out of turmoil and move on with optimism and confidence.

You may well wish Broken Lullaby was a little longer, but it’s always better to have this effect as an artist than to overstay a welcome or become tiresome. Hopefully there’s more music on the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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