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Andy Sydow Follow The Rain Down


These days it seems like a rare experience to stumble upon a song that feels as if it were written during a time when there was not a shallow thirst for fame driving the creative process. Songs that feel timeless, authentic and heart-warming in a manner that’s unique to the listener, are few and far between.

To achieve that quality, an artist needs to so thoroughly immerse themselves in the music, that they become an unshakable part of it – and it of them. This in turn grants the listener a great sense of this being their own secret discovery and message of inspiration.

In my opinion, that’s precisely what Andy Sydow has achieved, with the wonderfully poetic and uplifting Follow The Rain Down.

An established multi-instrumentalist, a great songwriter and refreshingly humble, Andy Sydow tells stories and delivers songs in a way that appears is if they’ve come straight from the scenes of some classic film. Follow The Rain Down is a lovely example, a joyous listen, and a strong introduction to one of indie’s finest songwriters.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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