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Andon You Don’t Love ME


Balancing talent and passion with clear professionalism and even just a hint of a recognisable image is no easy feat these days. From songwriting to performance, through quality production, genre fusion, and maintaining a genuine love for the process every step of the way – Andon is an artist with his mind on success, and this release speaks volumes on behalf of that.

Bringing through a somewhat classic dance-pop soundscape – loaded with synths, distant horns, EDM swagger yet melodic and lyrical soul – You Don’t Love Me lays bare a personal sense of longing and heartache, but pairs it skillfully with a musical portrayal of optimism and unwavering energy.

The accompanying visuals suit the changing mood of the track perfectly well – these colors being thrown around at the blank white canvas of a wall seems to pair up beautifully with the inner conflict and honest expression at the heart of the song.

Andon presents himself as a likable, genuine and freshly creative RnB star. The song floats through somewhere between dance and pop, offering multiple opportunities for remix, yet standing tall on the strength of its own melodic progression and the drop to that hook.

An easy hit, really well-crafted, with a captivating, visually appealing video that showcases artistry and personality in equal doses.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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