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An Electronic Hero Isoipstar


An Electronic Hero rightfully takes centre stage as 2016 swings into action. Isoipstar is the long awaited release by the electronic musician and songwriter, otherwise known as Federico Foria, and it features the vocal talents of singers from the USA, Jamaica, and Italy. The incredible visual artist Elisa Mazia put together the artwork for the project.

The term Isoipstar is one of an intriguing origin, it relates to the journey of a group of people travelling through space, experiencing a number of technical failures with their ship, and eventually being lost from view and communication..

“If the stars are a symbol of dream and reference points, the Isoipstar is the elevation reached by the spirit over aspirations and earthly fears.”

It’s a thought provoking and somewhat beautiful concept, and the music accompanying it is genuinely an incredible backdrop for such ideas. Here’s our breakdown of the project.

Isoipstar is, quite frankly, an incredible burst of synthesized, soulful, electronic energy and music. What’s particularly great about it is the high level of emotion added to the music by the vocal parts – not often found in this kind of music, but a brilliant touch. On top of the emotion evoked by the general build up of the music alone, in reference to the opening track Earth in particular, there is an awesome addition of melody and feeling. A sense of realness to the electronica, real musicianship, real feeling.

The second track, Fireworks, featuring Que Da Wiz, Mariax, and Dying Seed, is absolutely stunning – a soulful and smooth touch to an EP that opened with a multitude of sounds and beats, now broken down to it’s core, with a fantastic song, and yet again sublime production that really brings out the brightness of the music.

Finishing with After Universe, this EP is really something that stands out from most of the electronic releases we’ve heard in recent months. This final track tells a spoken word story over a relaxed, lightly padded, trip-hop style beat, and a very minimalist yet effective dream-like soundscape. The speaking voice is phenomenal; this is how I always imagined it would feel to have Morgan Freeman read you a bedtime story, and yet it’s even better with the gorgeous vocal harmonies and electronic melodies lightly floating beneath it all. The voice is the work of renowned Florida vocalist Eric Hollaway, and the track as a whole is the perfect finishing touch for this EP.

We were genuinely blown away by all three of these tracks. An Electronic Hero is exactly what his name states. An unequivocally original music maker, an inspirational mind, with a brilliant set of skills to bring it all to life. It’s a wonderful journey of soul, ambient, electronica and EDM, with a beautifully peaceful set of lyrics and stories expressed amidst the music.

Amazing music. You can find An Electronic Hero on Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud, and you can download the music for yourself.. Right Here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. A great review for a great EP, An Electronic Hero is really electronic, really hero but a fantastic musician overall!

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