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Amoria I Never Knew Love Like This


From the 2023 album Beyond The Throne, creative artist Amoria gets evocative amidst an impressively eclectic musical soundscape, for the uniquely recognisable I Never Knew Love Like This.

Instantly inviting for its careful balancing of world music melodies, heavy bass, horns and breathy vocals, the single introduces the sound of Amoria in a poetic and alluring fashion. The track reaches straight for the heart, but also uplifts for its strong groove and colourful presentation – a pairing that’s unorthodox, but ultimately more than welcome amidst today’s popular landscape.

Structurally uninhibited by industry expectation, the song follows a single verse melody line throughout the extent of its 4.5 minute lifespan – an ode to Faith repeating and looping, just two notes across seven syllables, consistently grounding an otherwise unpredictable and boldly diverse production.

Ethereal by nature, loaded with real world ambient sounds that soothe and support the revealing, fearlessly honest depth of the writing, I Never Knew Love Like This is a genuine ode to self-reflection, realising the error of one’s ways, and moving forward in a more respectable and empowering fashion.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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