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Amilia K Spicer Love’s For Living


As Christmas approaches it always comes with a distinct level of nostalgia as the classic songs start to play anywhere and everywhere. As enjoyable as they are, and as important as the togetherness and joy that they represent is, it’s a definite pleasure to hear something new as the snowy season settles in.

Amilia K Spicer’s Love’s For Living is not an overly ‘Christmassy’ song, having heard some of her previous releases it fits pretty comfortably within her collection and comes through with precisely the energy and sweetness we’ve come to know her music for. However, it’s a song that celebrates the season, the accompanying video reinforces the sentiment, and all in all it makes for a fresh and enjoyable addition to the long term winter soundtrack – and that’s without the overuse of bells or clichéd references.

The song delicately embraces the topic in a way that simply plays out around you like any enjoyable folk or country pop song should. The ambiance of the song is easy going, calming as ever – the sound of Amilia’s voice has a certain softness that is immediately soothing and also notably familiar once you’ve heard just a couple of her songs. The way this piece has been crafted presents those familiar, nostalgic ideas in a subtle and quite refreshing way. It takes nothing away from the essence of Christmas and the values we extensively embrace at this time, it simply offers something new – a new way to feel good and to celebrate and to remind yourself of the important things in life.

The song’s hook is simple yet incredibly effective, the title and concept stand out and the melody sinks in very quickly. It’s a gorgeous release, a pleasure to hear something new from the artist and a welcome addition to the uplifting joy of such a wonderful time of year.

Download the music via Bandcamp. Find & follow Amilia K Spicer on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit her Website for more information.

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