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Amilia K Spicer Fill Me Up


There’s a whole lot that is beautifully unique about this latest offering from Amilia K Spicer. The song at first glance brings audiences a classic and easy going bit of country folk – the guitar sound, the rhythm – however, there’s so much more to the song beyond that initial desire to label with genres.

The song is beautiful, the initial sound of the those chords, the style in which the guitar is played, the gentle sound of the leading vocal, and perhaps the most striking thing of all – the lyrics – there’s a vastly calming ambiance to the song that cleverly fills you up as you listen, with poetry, with imagery, with calm, with an overall feeling of content.

The guitar twang, as it were, keeps things both cool and country, yet something about the melody actually offers more of an emotional energy, at times perhaps hinting slightly at something of a grunge influence – the descending notes, the laid back and easy to listen to delivery. It’s all of this that adds to the unique element, and it makes for a genuinely enjoyable listening experience.

The other thing that works really well about the song is the use of the hook falling at the end of each verse – the key line provides an unexpected resolve, and the chorus, as it were, is simply sung as melody, without lyrics. This creates a warm and reflective sense of space, it allows you to enjoy the peaceful energy of the music, to reconsider the words and ideas previously presented, and to anticipate the next. The descending notes in the verses contrast superbly with the rising ones in the chorus. It’s clever and effective songwriting, it satisfies as all great music should, and furthermore – it highlights the work of an experienced and thoughtful songwriter. One for the long term playlist, for sure.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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