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Almost Citizen New Day


Introducing an evocative pop-rock anthem, one that soulfully embraces listeners when they’re feeling at their most disconnected – the latest project from Abhi Ananda is the rock outfit Almost Citizen, and New Day is the sublime and refreshingly humble new single.

Featuring the simple, nostalgic meeting of live drums, guitars and bass, New Day rises up in precisely the warming fashion its title implies. We’re in a kind of Smashing Pumpkins territory, the pace and intensity subtle yet immersive enough to invite interest in the live show.

Then we get the vocals, accessible and gentle, expressive and equally warming – presenting this story of overcoming relationship struggles and moving forward in life in a beautifully accessible, uplifting manner.

Noting verses that openly reflect on the details of incoming turmoil – the second verse in particular adopting a more personal but vague account of uncertainty and searching for self – New Day proceeds to burst into life for the brightness and riff-strong elevation of its hook. This moment is all the more simplistic, resolving in a way that makes it accessible to any and all individual stories, and the surrounding verses and subsequent guitar solo all helps with the rising energy and euphoric celebration of this set-up.

Beautifully written, timeless in its humility and heart – New Day is a modest ear-worm with a gorgeously nostalgic rock softness to it.

Find Almost Citizen on YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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