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Alisa Chirco Give Me More


Alisa Chirco’s Give Me More is a pop hit with an edge and one that’s fairly certain to leave its hook lingering in your mind after listening. Fusing infectious melodies with musical weight and high energy, the song offers precisely the upbeat and colourful qualities audiences tend to turn to pop music for.

Initially there seems to be a fairly retro nature to the instrumentation, the opening synths and even the chord strikes that follow bring with them a nostalgic, slightly nineties vibe. Soon enough though, Chirco’s vocals come into play, and this – flowing rhythmically, in line with a heavy and rather striking beat – is what ultimately drives the track.

The song’s concept is a fairly common one and so much of the language used appeals for its accessibility and how easy it is to relate. Mixed in among this though are some fairly unexpected, left of centre phrases and ideas that add something a little bit different to the journey.

The verses come through with a sense of anticipation and rising intensity, so the hook hits with impact afterwards – this is also where the poetic bullet reference bursts onto the scene. As is the calling card of a good pop song, the hook sinks in quickly, and the music surrounding and supporting it makes certain to uplift and energize its audience.

Fusing classic and fresh elements works well in this case, Give Me More is a rather mighty introduction to the artist that is Alisa Chirco – her confidence and her unwavering vocal performance throughout this release work hard to represent her in an appealing and memorable way. As suggested, she makes sure you’ll remember her, and the unique production on this track furthers that effect.

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