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Alinde Vega Constant Glances


Live jam vibes meet with a raw pop-rock pace and grunge-like whispered vocals for this genre -lending new project from artist and songwriter Alinde Vega.

The two-track EP that is Constant Glances kicks off with a likably genuine drum-line, a rising and falling bass, and a shoegaze-style voice that distantly injects a sense of story and intrigue.

As things progress, the intensity rises, the weight of the soundscape enveloping its audience all the more so. And meanwhile, you crave connection with the lyrics – the title and indeed each short line draws you in, and the music holds you captive there; hypnotic in its indie-rock rounds.

The title-track is all of this, and as the follow-up Lost in Victory Gravity streams in we get a similarly full rock sound but with a more cleanly cut, raspy and upfront vocal; plus a notable degree of space and contrast between moments.

There’s also a gorgeous meandering electric guitar in the distance, reverb-kissed again for that shoegaze feel, though elsewhere things get heavier and more anthemic than any purely dreamy genre tends to allow.

The hook has a certain addictive simplicity to it, completing the project with boldness. The concept also furthers our interest as listeners, prompting a re-visit, and with each new session we grow more accustomed to and engaged in the sound of the EP.

Really nicely done, familiar yet fresh, loaded with detectable identity, and both heavy and calming – depending on what you need from it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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