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Alexis Arceo All I Beg For Is Flowers


Nostalgically evocative riffs and organic drums back up the haunting vocal style and surrounding synths of Alexis Arceo, as his latest Dark Pop and Rock single All I Beg For Is Flowers delivers a passionate ode to intense pain and longing.

From dreamy and nearly whispered verses into the fully-loaded weight and piercing vocal peak of the chorus, Alexis Arceo leads with a clear connection to the subject matter and performance here. The song has a Muse-like vibe, taking the classic music fan back a couple of decades, but there’s also a notably modern punk tone to the vocal inflections, and a softer twist of warmth to the stripped back sections that break up the weight of elsewhere.

The single is structurally quite mighty, and the production and arrangement are defiantly a strong point that will hopefully ring loud throughout Alexis’ upcoming releases. The final build up and drop also works better than ever, once we’ve grown accustomed to the style, the sound and the story, and there aren’t too many artists leaning in this muggy distorted yet passionate and honest direction right now.

Check out All I Beg For Is Flowers. Find Alexis Arceo on Instagram & Apple.

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