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This album from AlexiMuzic has been really well crafted with a notably attentive approach, making it an uplifting pleasure to witness for a whole range of music fans. Beginning with the bright and energetic But We Need a Little Money, the project bursts into life – the instrumentation and chords chosen create a colourful and energizing soundscape, and on top of this, the leading artist’s vocal performance has the grit and passion to really carry the song’s sentiment in an effective way.

I Want Your Body follows on quite cleverly. The soundscape contains the same level of multi-layered instrumentation, showcasing everything from keys to guitars to bass to drums, and again utilising that unique and powerful leading voice. In this case though, the song has a distinctly reflective and emotional feel – the ambiance that surrounds and supports the writing creates a different mood to the opener, and the middle 8 moment at which the energy falls away offers a really well thought out break from the expected.

Overwhelm sees the mood shift even further. Arrangement is always important, and this album seems to have a little of everything. This song has the soulful delicacy of a pop-rock ballad – it features a mighty build up, a subtle touch of electronica, and another emotional and quite calming melody.

In terms of the story telling, the subject matter of these songs, the artist writes from a place of genuine emotion and experience, and that’s a wonderful truth to lay out among such a bright and detailed array of music. It adds so much value to an already enjoyable collection.

Never Met ventures a little further into the electronic world. The ambiance here is soaked in a dreamlike aura, the change in pace from the intro to the build up to the hook is incredibly captivating – it’s a powerful song and a definite highlight from the album. Something about the stylish and sultry mood of the music and the melody, the passion in the vocal, the structure, the evolution – it makes for a huge moment.

Cool leans in a softly joyful direction and again comes at just the right time. The song’s gentle approach has you really focusing on the lyrics and the almost whispered leading voice. The eclecticism on this project is fantastic, and yet not at the cost of consistency or relevance. The thread is the songwriting style, the brightness, the attention to detail, and of course, that voice. Cool is a lovely, warming moment (despite the chill of the title). It paints a beautiful picture that works well at this point in the project.

123 <3 has a vintage pop-rock feel to it that soaks you in optimism and a quirky, characterful sort of ambiance. The lyrics are easy to pick up on and remember, and the simple joy and brightness of the song makes for something that is very easy to relax to and enjoy – either with friends or on the long drive home (or away) as the night settles in.

The penultimate moment brings a spacious and peaceful ballad entitled Despite It All. The song creates a feeling of change, of overcoming difficulty, of hope and optimism – as if things will almost certainly be OK. There’s an underlying sadness within a couple of the lines, but as things progress the mood is increasingly uplifting and soaked in a sense of possibility. The musical awareness expressed within the composition is brilliant.

AlexiMuzic has a fairly original songwriting style. The music is familiar, easy to appreciate, well performed and well crafted, but it also brings an element of something unexpected, and this adds a valuable level of individuality. Avocado Dinosaur is the closing song and one that perfectly encapsulates this idea. The song sounds as if it’s for everyone, and it is – it works well, it’s unique, enjoyable, happy sounding. Then of course there’s this touch of personality in the concept and the title, this inside joke of sorts, which makes it immediately intriguing and memorable.

Now Love as an album is an easy choice for anyone looking for that pop-rock sound with a little something fresh and unusual. The songwriting is unpredictable, yet the music works its magic in the best possible way. Well worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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