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Alexandria Vibes


Alexandria leads with confidence and intensity amidst heavy beats and spacious soundscapes on this EP. From the hard-hitting, stylish introduction of Bad Habits, through the equally haunting and rhythmically industrial Danger, you quickly get an image of the artist, complete with a sense of identity and drive that holds close to this individuality throughout.

Danger offers a little more detail as it progresses, poetic darkness and intrigue seek to captivate as this simple yet striking beat pours through. Later on, Growing is a track that takes a slightly different direction, emerging with the soulful seduction of a guitar, followed up with a hint of optimism and melody. The lyrics are suddenly of depth, self-reflection and intimacy; realness and even vulnerability. A definite highlight, the track deals with being yourself, it drives with that personal touch and that unique story-line that is the artist’s, but in the same instance – the hopeful groove of the music and the quiet confidence of the lyrics is inspiring and easy to relate to.

As the track progresses, Alexandria’s observations turn to the world around her, the poetic edge grows all the more impressive. The song quickly moves from good to great, a refreshing alternative to the bulk of modern pop and hip hop. The EP in full is eclectic yet consistently rooted in the artists’ own sense of self and her clear love for the art form. Absolutely worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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