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Stockholm’s Alexander Fuentes, a creative with over five years experience in making music, and a lifetime of artistic pursuits to his name, delivers music of a deeply moving and refreshingly energising nature.

Driving with a well-rooted fusion of passion and precision, Fuentes devotes his time equally to visual art and electronic sound design, presenting the hypnotic qualities of immersive and purposeful escapism on both counts.

Fully consumed by the process, Fuentes makes timeless music from the depths of his own contemplative journey, and pairs this with collaborative work making cover art and designing projects for other musicians.

Traditional art has always been a lifeline for Fuentes, but in recent years the digital world has taken up much of his creative reach, helping him build environments and landscapes at a newly imaginative level. His talents and interests also commonly branch out into abstract art, particularly when creating cover work for new musical ventures.

With dozens of tracks already making waves in the online space, his latest release Portal injects a certain enchanting combination of delicacy and intensely distorted weight into the modern scene.

The four-minute piece offers a cinematic quality that allows for pure engagement when listened to at volume – this is true of everything from the contrast between layers, the use of melody and hard-hitting rhythms united, and the sheer evolving structure of the completed track.

Not merely utilising the nostalgic traits of techno for that familiar embrace as the beat drops, but promising a cleverly creative and immediately recognisable leading riff, Portal manages to hit with originality and skill in a memorable, contemporary fashion.

Fuentes makes fine use of inspiration, influences from the underground world of techno and electronic music, and intertwines this with a naturally artistic desire to explore certain thoughts and feelings in a bold and authentically human way.

Eclecticism stands tall throughout Fuentes’ releases, the brightness and EDM optimism of Moonlight delivering an entirely different vibe, yet still holding close to these professional characteristics that ring true throughout – the rhythmic shifts, the meeting between intensity and softness, the thoughtful underlying ideas.

Silver Fields is another that changes gears and showcases versatility, whilst maintaining those unmistakable Alexander Fuentes threads of identity.

The new single Portal will be out December 17th. Visit Alexander Fuentes Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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