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Alexa Villa Never Have I Ever


Stylishly merging distorted guitar riffs and delicate, captivating vocals, Alexa Villa bursts onto the scene with character and power. Never Have I Ever is not only creatively refreshing and musically hard-hitting, it’s been written in a fascinating and skillful manner. The songwriting makes for something that easily satisfies. The structure, the build-up, the contrast between the verses and the hook – all of this adds impact and makes certain you remember it. Where these qualities might more commonly be found within a standard pop song, this single is far from the expected. The alternative angle is sharp and striking, and this pours through in everything from the lyrics to the varied performance to the overall expressive nature of the entire soundscape.

Alexa Villa has skill and passion as a performer, for sure, but what makes this so refreshing is that she utilizes those traits in a creatively new way. Never Have I Ever is a great song that’s immediately recognisable once you’ve heard it even just a single time. There are numerous short but compelling sections to the song that work hard to maintain your interest as the whole thing progresses. The second and indeed third times you hear this, that opening fusion of riffs – the haunting and mildly chaotic ambiance that kicks things off – it grabs you in a strangely comforting, reliable way. You know where you are, and you’re glad of it. Then as things move forward, Villa exercises some stunning vocal peaks – the hook in particular has so much strength, and the production surrounding and supporting it adds an immense amount of value on top of that.

All in all it’s the details that make this a hit. Every element has been thoughtfully and professionally incorporated, and almost certainly you can tell that a live performance would be intense and brilliant. An artist well worth stumbling upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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