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Alex Woburn Magic Is This


Classic pop qualities return for the poetic and aptly-magical new single from an ever-colourful Alex Woburn.

Making fine use of a handful of similes along the pathway to a pop-rock and dance-ready chorus, Magic Is This emerges from a brand new full-length album, and with the recent accomplishment of being a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest of 2022.

Woburn’s manner of structuring and contrasting moments within a song is undeniable, and Magic Is This brilliantly employs those qualities, with an imagery-laden verse and an ultimately infectious drop for the hook.

Featuring a welcomed instrumental break and long-form melodic riff after the resolve of each chorus, Magic Is This celebrates the natural building blocks of pop, whilst showcasing Alex’s unmistakable vocal tone and creatively fun way with writing.

It’s a pop-rock classic on the one hand, with funky guitar patterns and organic threads of performance, yet it’s also a retro and bass-heavy dance hit on the other – a fusion of traits that speak volumes on behalf of Alex’ breadth of influence and unwavering passion for music in all of its forms.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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