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Alex Winston Special Feeling


Easily the most original and creative pop single to emerge so far this season. Detroit powerhouse Alex Winston masters the space in both lyric and set-up, with the uniquely revealing and boldly infectious Special Feeling.

Featuring a big-band set-up of quirky and colourful production, somehow both gritty and smooth, Special Feeling evolves from an acoustic and vocal pairing to a huge arrangement of multiple layers of warped and unplugged aspects alike.

Meanwhile, we get this fast-paced vocal outpouring, every lyric refreshing and connected to an underlying story that’s fearlessly honest and surprisingly relatable.

Unafraid to showcase both vulnerability and sheer self-confidence, Special Feeling reflects upon the juxtaposing emotions that make up much of a creative’s life. There’s the insecurity and openness required to connect, and then there’s the unapologetic desire and drive to be noticed. Artists don’t talk about this enough, in my opinion, and never by way of such a brilliantly energising and catchy song.

Alex Winston is carving out an impressive new pathway in modern pop, and with tens of thousands of monthly listeners already tuned in, this is one songwriter and performer worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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