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Alex Su Open Call (Official Music Video)


Driving with absolute strength of song-writing and a beautifully crisp, organic pop-rock set-up, Alex Su’s Open Call engages and uplifts in a gorgeously classic fashion.

Introducing itself as something of a country-folk piece, with likable guitar work and a quick sense of warmth, the vocals go on to welcome this wave-like series of melodic ups and downs, and a vocal that leans towards indie-pop and even pop-punk to an extent. All the while, everything is mellow, colourful and uplifting yet calming to listen to.

As the song progresses, the various sections underline that strength of song-writing all the more so – the hook rising up quite powerfully for this immersive, anthem-like moment of reflection and deep-running gratitude. The loving and passionate core of the song shines brightly, and Alex’s performance more than meets the bar required to highlight this.

Beautiful, a pleasure to know about, and an easy must for the long-term playlist. There’s even an equally joyful, simple yet soulful accompanying video to increasingly further the song’s loving intentions.

Download or stream Open Call here. Check out Alex Su on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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