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Alex Genadnik Guardians Of Souls


Singer and artist Alex Genadnik keeps things traditional and inspiring throughout this new single – an ode to the poetry and music that paved the way before us.

Featuring the simple acoustic sound of guitar finger-picking and a medieval-style folk vocal delivery, Guardians Of Souls stands tall on the strength of its lyrics and the melodic build-up.

The arrangement expands as things progress, the energy rises and the layers increase to envelop the listener. There’s even a shift to uncertainty just briefly during the second verse, furthering the artistry of the set-up, and drawing you back in effectively with contrast for the uplift of the next chorus.

Loaded with gratitude, optimism, poetry, and beautiful imagery, Guardians Of Souls leaves its tuneful presentation and purity of visual lingering when the music has stopped. There’s solace and escapism in poetry and writing past and present, and Alex celebrates precisely this throughout the catchy and wonderfully heartfelt single and video.

By the time the final hook bursts into life, it’s familiar, it welcomes you to join in, and the warmth of the concept and delivery work hard to do the same for the audience as inspiration did for the artist – “it fills my skies with magic butterflies”.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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