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Alex Dutty Imagine


Alex Dutty’s breakthrough this year comes in the form of a thoughtful and fully captivating new single called Imagine. Always one to think a little more deeply than the average rapper or artist, Dutty reaches new heights with his poetic and honest outlook here. Every line compels you further, drawing you in even more so and building stronger emotional connections – to the point that a single listen is far from enough.

Only occasionally do you get a track that takes its title concept and rolls a series of lyrics through off the back of it – sometimes it falls flat on its face, sometimes it manages to entrance and impress from start to finish. In this case, the concept is to imagine, and the ideas that you’re prompted to consider following this really provoke a certain level of thinking. It holds on to you until the end. You’re brought to the centre of the artist’s life and you’re shown his perspective in an eye-opening manner. It doesn’t feel overly personal though, despite its realness – these ideas are the sort that you can relate to in a number of ways.

Imagine being misunderstood so much you’re hated – this line can be taken and toyed with, made your own, made relevant to you. The same goes for lines like imagine that you’re broke. Elsewhere though, Dutty balances this with some inescapably personal references. The word ‘balance’ is key – he leans back and forth between the intimate and the accessible, which means you get to feel a better understanding of the artist as well as perhaps feeling a little more understood yourself; two sides of the experience, both of which we often seek out in music as escapism.

Imagine is a powerful track, musically calm and dark but minimalist at the same time – the vocals and the performance stand quietly tall, holding tight to your attention and all the while remaining genuine; believable. Easily worth a listen. 2019 is set to be a big year for Alex Dutty.

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