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Alex Cade Woosah


Alex Cade leads with his own style on this latest single Woosah. From the offset you can hear this carefree fusion of melody and rap, even his tone of voice presents a laid-back, unique approach to performance – or rather, it showcases a sheer and uninhibited love for the art form and this particular kind of music.

Woosah is a smooth track, bringing together elements of hip hop, RnB and pop alike, offering a light beat and plenty of colour in terms of the various synths and layers that make up the soundscape. There’s an uplifting and joyful feel to the whole thing, even seeming slightly jazz-cafe inspired on occasion. Meanwhile, Cade’s lyricism and his voice introduce the driving factor behind the song’s sense of character and purpose. The story-line holds close to the artist’s personal truth, which consistently remains in line with that carefree, energized and confident tone of voice. All of which leads this to be an authentic piece of writing and music, with a great groove.

Musically there are more than a few flickers of individuality to the recording that help cement the sound in the mind of the listener. It’s easy to recognise, but this comes through via some admittedly subtle qualities. Subtle but effective is the best way, so these scattered echos and riffs, the space, the calm presentation of swagger – all of this feels relatable yet fresh, inspired by the greats yet not overly influenced or affected by them. It’s a clever way to create and it wins your affection pretty quickly.

I look forward to hearing what the future brings through from Alex Cade – the associated EP is likely to introduce even more of that musical flair and notably open story telling. Modern music can always use more artistry and alternative thinking.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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