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Alex Caban Love Letters


Brooklyn’s Alex Caban gifts audiences the dreamy and uplifting embrace of finely-crafted dance-pop, intertwined with catchy writing and contemporary effects, for the emotively gripping opener and EP title-track that is Love Letters.

The song introduces the EP beautifully, uniting nostalgic EDM flavours with a notably more modern pop edge and heartfelt undertones. However, you’d be wrong to assume that his style is set in stone by this opening track.

Caban is a hip hop and alternative pop artist, and as the sultry tones and intimate RnB presence of Eight emerge, featuring the impressive vocal stylings of Jessica Peros alongside sharp, smart bars from Caban, that eclectic sense of freedom becomes increasingly clear.

Versatility continues to prove fascinating, when the heavy bass, trap rhythm, soulful hook and moving rap bars of Karma pour through. Another well-written track, fusing genres with fearless creativity, yet also maintaining that professional and immersive dance-pop finish that urges you to turn up the volume.

During the latter half we get to appreciate the reverb-soaked, atmospheric presentation of a dreamy guitar loop, and a touch of Caban’s own affinity with afrobeats, modern rap and world music flavours, for Mind Clear. Then the short lines and intense production of Anything brings back Jessica Peros for a call and response dynamic that recaptures any wandering minds.

Wrapping things up is the somewhat minimal, piano-led and boldly auto-tuned Blame On Me. Distinctly heartfelt and leading with an unexpected degree of vulnerability, the vocal production reflects perhaps a touch of dissonance between the revealing nature of the performance and an innate desire to find answers to questions that have haunted. The cleanly-mixed bars contrast this well, and ultimately the song captivates for its honesty and humanity.

A surprinsgly raw, emotional closing track, which effectively brings the listener closer to the creative behind the music. The Love Letters EP in full hits a little differently once you’ve already experienced the journey, when you then return to pick up any pieces you may have missed. Nicely done.

Download or stream Love Letters here. Check out Alex Caban on Facebook, Apple Music & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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