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Alex Blocker French 75


Alex Blocker brings a humble and colourful sense of character to the music world with the release of his single French 75. The song when played in conjunction with the accompanying video offers perhaps the most interesting and memorable effect.

Alex Blocker is a singer, songwriter, and violinist, among other things – his approach to modern RnB is one of eclecticism and organic musicianship. That being said, this single for the most part seems to fall in line with much of the mainstream world’s alt-pop offerings of recent years. The beat and the melody have a simple familiarity about them, the auto-tune effect used throughout is one that finds itself firmly planted in today’s studios, and the overall style – the way he’s crafted his lines, the structure, the expressions – all of this feeds into a generally contemporary feel. There are a few unique traits though, keeping things multi-layered and fresh – the opening instrumentation has that colourful, retro and almost gamer-like aura, and indeed the switch to the higher melody from the verse to the hook works well in holding tight to your attention as things progress.

The song without the  video lets all of these audio details shine a little more brightly, but to witness the artist in his element undoubtedly lets you see that connection to and love for the music a little more clearly.

The violin aspects of the song are subtle, these retro sounds and effects rule overall, and the video only portrays a violin cutaway towards the ends. However, this single is from a longer project – the EP Heartbreak Radio – a playlist that’s likely to bring through all of these flickers of personality and more. With each new listen to French 75, the more the details and the ambiance appeal – they sound increasingly original and enjoyable as you familiarise yourself with them, giving the song a touch of longevity; and drawing you in even further towards Alex Blocker as an artist.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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