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Alden It Won’t Stop


New York’s Alden brings audiences a thick and mellow darkness with the single It Won’t Stop. Fusing reverb-soaked vocals and empty space, a level of distance is created from the offset that reflects the song’s sentiments and lyrical ideas in a striking way. As things progress, the guitar riffs have a simple familiarity to them, feeling all at once alternative and comforting in their humble, recognisable nature. There’s also a distinctive atmospheric aura to the soundscape, particularly between vocal moments. This adds contrast and a sense of structure, as well as furthering that level of darkness and thoughtful creativity.

Vocally the song drives with an almost emotionless performance, classically alternative in presentation, though as things move along – as the lyrics drip through and the song’s overall concept is painted a little more clearly – this style of delivery starts to feel far more tired than passionless. The very idea of ‘it won’t stop’ is in itself a sort of exhausting, repetitive prospect. The way this song has been crafted, step by step, from a minimal beginning to a much fuller and more intense latter half – all of this feeds into the central idea or essence of the writing.

It’s refreshing to hear such an artistic composition within modern music, the ambiance leads the way for sure – the music feels reflective and considerate, the words come second to this and linger among the outer edges; provoking a specific way of thinking and directing the listener in a subtle way. You’re likely to appreciate Alden as the artist rather than simply the musician. In the way that alternative bands from a decade or two ago would take the time to build something expressive and meaningful, whatever the topic or cause, Alden has gone in for this same level of creativity.

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