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Alani Keiser Grey Grey Love


Piano-led pop-rock with an edge of country and a familiar melodic build up creates the uniquely emotive, poetic embrace that is Alani Keiser’s Grey Grey Love.

Rising up from uncertainty, reflective verses and a touch of vocal quietness, towards the sudden uplift and passionate resolve of the hook, Grey Grey Love showcases a thoughtful and purposeful way with songwriting.

In addition, Alani’s voice injects an edge of subtle personality that refreshes, lighting up this timeless genre in a new way, with a new stamp of identity, and elevating the natural emotions of the song all the more so.

Structurally the single works its magic with ease, particularly when we consider the shift to that middle-8 for a moment of pure rising anticipation. The arrangement supports this, moments of humble acoustic presentation contrasted by those that feature a more fuller line-up of crashing drums, keys, bass and guitars.

The final quarter in particular really makes sure that the hook lingers with the listener, thanks to Keiser’s commitment to the melody, to the concept, and the musicality further highlighting this.

A beautiful, timeless must-hear of authenticity and heart – I look forward to future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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