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Alan Dreezer We Have Come a Long Way


Alan Dreezer’s latest release presents a beautifully smooth and soulful few minutes of music, progressing with style and all the while detailing the human experience with subtle yet significant passion. As is often the way with his sound, the song develops into more of a rhythmic and uplifting piece, rather than maintaining simply a dreamlike atmosphere. However, in this case, the soundscape holds onto the smoothness as the energy just slightly intensifies, meaning that what you get from it is something that hits with emotional presence above all else.

The song’s hook is sensational, one of the songwriter’s best yet, and as mentioned – this pinnacle moment takes nothing away from the overall sentiment; the chorus is lifted just slightly higher than the verses, elevating you as you listen, making sure that the key line and melody sink in, but not overloading you with instrumentation and volume. It’s a stunning mix, really – the production brings out the absolute best in the songwriting, and Alan Dreezer showcases only the most relevant and necessary moments of lyricism; so as to hold the heart of the writing under a humble spotlight.

The accompanying video for this release supports and enhances everything about it with simple yet incredibly effective shots. Filmed and directed by Jordan Hardy, with Holly Farndell as Assistant Director, the impressive visuals feature the artist in a somewhat thoughtful presentation, with an alternating backdrop that moves between the light and the dark – from the reflective and even sultry, to the much brighter and more hopeful – perhaps perfectly representing this concept of having come so far.

There’s a certain moodiness to the video, expressed by clever use of colour and light, and underlined with strong relevance by Alan’s own performance. You can tell that all of this means something to the singer, and that makes it mean something more to you as you witness it. The fact is though, the song offers a fantastic rhythm and melody that soak into you the very moment you press play. It’s one of his most enthralling and memorable releases yet.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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