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Alan Dreezer To Do This


The creative production job on Alan Dreezer’s track To Do This has resulted in a deeply atmospheric and unique piece of music that backs up and enhances the mood and meaning of the underlying song really well. The structure of the track has allowed numerous moments of change and evolution throughout the mix. There’s a hell of a lot to appreciate and look out for, and with every moment that passes your attention is held by the peaceful yet ever-moving energy of the overall sound.

The song at the core of this recording is hugely reflective of true human emotions. The honesty is clear and relentless, and the artist’s leading vocal performance presents it in a genuine and perhaps even slightly vulnerable manner. It’s extremely endearing and draws you in with it’s unapologetic openness. On top of this, as mentioned, the musicality of the piece is complex and beautiful, it fills the space around you with an all encompassing and professionally finished soundscape. This meeting of the undeniably human and the synth-driven electronic is perfectly captivating.

The lyrics of the song provoke thought, and the singer’s voice is actually laid quite bare considering the ocean of sounds and effects surrounding it. You’re really able to feel this connection with the performance, as well as simply lose yourself in the overall sound of the music if escapism is what’s on the cards.

It’s a beautiful song and there’s a lot about it that is fresh and unique to Alan Dreezer’s creativity. On occasion the music has a hint of eighties influence – the beat, the retro synth in the verses, even the style of the vocal performance at times; all of which adds to the track’s appeal. The modern finish is enough to keep it contemporary, and all in all it’s a hugely enjoyable piece of music. Particularly effective when you turn it up loud, a credit to producer and co-writer Elliot Richardson of Highfield Studio.

Download the track for free via The Artist Union. Find and follow Alan Dreezer on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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