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Now is the third release from Alan Dreezer’s upcoming album LONDON E12. It’s a welcome return since we explored his single To Do This back in May, and yet although the sound of Alan’s Voice and the style of writing has that familiar feel to it, Now is a step in a notably different direction.

First and foremost, the initial energy given off by the piece creates a beautifully mellow and reflective mood; you start to feel a heartfelt ballad style piece emerging, though admittedly there’s a touch or hint of something bigger on the horizon – an element of excitement and hope lingers in those opening few bars of music. Sure enough, as things progress, the whole song explodes into this massive chorus; the music, the melody, and Alan’s leading voice, all feed into the higher energy level brilliantly. This is the perfect kind of big moment for any summer dance or alternative pop track.

The switch from the gentle or slowly delivered lines of the verse and the first half of the hook contrast cleverly with the quick fire delivery of the lyrics that follow, the declaration of never letting go. That’s the other thing about this song, the lyrics are immensely personal, and what’s more, you believe every word – you believe that these lyrics came from a place of real experience and emotion, and that’s incredibly valuable. The important thing, however, especially for an artist creating along the electronic music spectrum, is that this personal touch doesn’t come at the cost of being relative or accessible to a wider audience. These are ideas we can all relate to, and that personality, that realness, simply further highlights those feelings and that strength that love can bring about.

It’s a powerful performance and a well structured song that works beautifully in portraying each moment and each idea with absolute and genuine clarity. Looking forward to the album release.

The single Now comes out on September 9th. Find & follow Alan Dreezer on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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