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Alan Apuli A Thousand Times


Singer and songwriter Alan Apuli takes things back to the bare essentials with this up front and intimate new EP.

Leading with largely unaffected, organic layers – the warm strum of an acoustic guitar, natural and accessible vocals – the project introduces a deeply personal and open manner of song writing.

Replay is all of this, and starts things up with a rising sense of brightness – created by the lyrical outpouring, the subtle vocal passion, and the building anticipation as the instrumental broadens to meet the sudden energy of the chorus. Here we get strings, drums, bass, fragments of audio detail that help reinforce the conceptual depths – and also add greater impact to the natural softness of Alan’s voice.

As an artist, Alan showcases a number of threads between songs – traits of authenticity that ring true to his style. This fast melodic singing feels almost like rap at times – diary-style expressions of honest feelings.

He’s a storyteller by nature, and Alive continues to develop this style all the more so; another bright chorus, an exclaim of longing for falling in love and the feelings of life that it brings. ARACELI’s feature here creates a likable dynamic and a sense of realness in terms of the relationship pathway. Some really beautiful lyrics also stand tall.

Catchy guitar work lights up Worth It – as do short lines that are easy to connect with and memorise. The set-up continues to envelop listeners, the groove growing stronger. Ultimately this one proves a highlight for its switch from mellow to a more meandering flow structurally. The lyrics also have an air of legitimacy to their insight.

Rose Lenses furthers the realness, Alan’s genuine voice still feeling honest as it makes its way through these ups and downs. The piano-lead adds a little versatility, and the hook resolves well.

Things comes to a finish with a softly finger-picked and beautifully summarising title-track. Feeling like a folk-pop hit ready and waiting to connect the dots between those who love from a distance, the self-reflective A Thousand Times wraps things up beautifully.

Alan Apuli has a certain purity to his music and writing, a little open-mic-esque in its softness and relatability – a comforting quality – colourful and uplifting at the very same time. One to look out for on the live acoustic scenes as and when.

Check out Alan Apuli on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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