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Al Knight Wherever You Are (Deluxe Edition)


Leading with uniquely expressive musicianship and a clearly intentional, thoughtful manner of writing, Al Knight kicks off 2020 in precisely the way he intends to see it through.

Just one of a plethora of new singles set to emerge in the coming months, Wherever You Are is a soft-rock ballad of sorts, rising up from near-acoustic beginnings, to the full-throttle vibrancy and energy of an arena anthem – then falling away once again, to lay bare another intimate and revealing verse.

From a songwriting perspective, Al Knight takes a deeply human, personal approach, adopting an honest and almost diary-like writing style; the depth of which is reinforced by the natural, effortless passion and heart in his vocal delivery. The soundscape works hand-in-hand with these evolving sentiments, the latter half offering a superbly satisfying guitar solo, and seeing the completed track venture out into the bigger rock sounds that made up much of the nineties and noughties.

What’s particularly enjoyable about this song is that it juxtaposes the rising weight of the music with the consistently accessible delicacy of the leading voice. Al Knight appears as somewhat vulnerable in his performance, connecting for a certain realness that isn’t commonly found in such big compositions. Undoubtedly a songwriter and musician worth looking out for as the year progresses.

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