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Ajak Krak I Told Her Life Is So Useless


Ajak Krak takes listeners down a vintage pathway of vinyl crackles and gentle jazz ambiance with this latest release. More than that though, the song’s specific intention pours through lyrically on top of the soundscape, creating an unexpected yet notably artistic contrast that’s surprisingly captivating to listen to.

Despite the vocal reverb and the muffled or tired performance – something that reinforces the underlying sentiments in a genuine way – there are certain lyrics that stand out within the mix and that start to help you build a clearer understanding of what drove the making of this track. Lines like So depressed… Such a mess… I wanna die… I don’t wanna live… all of this consistently links back to the song’s title; representing the artist’s honest approach and likely connecting with any number of listeners who feel or have felt a similar level of emptiness. Meanwhile, the light groove of the music keeps this balanced with a certain sense of colour and possibility.

Musically you can notice several structural changes within the mix, the beat switches pace quite suddenly, the mood follows and the vocal performance becomes more mellow – the lyrics also seem much more carefree and less serious at this point; the latter half of the single veers off down an almost melted alley-way, feeling like the end of some sort of bizarre, unsettling dream. With that comes a sense of calmness though, the musical outro works well to let the vibe collect you and to let the ideas from before really sink in. The second time you listen there’s a definite familiarity to the way Ajak Krak has crafted the whole thing. Despite the vocal distance within the mix, it all seems very personal and rooted in its own sense of character.

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