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Ahmad McCown What’s Best For Me


Piano-led and seemingly straight forwards until the initial movement of the chords and notes towards something more unusual, Ahmad McCown pays tribute to nostalgic RnB and soulful, purposeful songwriting with the boldly revealing single What’s Best For Me.

Refreshingly honest in its depiction of self-love out of line with the pressures of society and the outside world, What’s Best For Me delves into precisely what its title implies. All the while, both Ahmad’s leading voice and the somewhat organic, unpredictable building of the soundscape lean further towards this unique edge of fearless expression.

Notably raw in design and performance but perhaps all the more authentic in being so, What’s Best For Me speaks out with passion and confidence on behalf of the search for self and happiness.

There’s a melancholic ache to the tune, the chord progression, the added strings and overall presentation, but ultimately the song offers self-belief and a sense of possibility.

There’s even a completely unexpected solo during a stripped back middle-8 towards the latter half, perhaps a melodica, the near five-minute song continuing to push that creatively uninhibited boat out as far as possible.

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Rebecca Cullen

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