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Ahlia A Check (AI Powered Indie Music)


Classic soul-pop production of mellow piano meets trap rhythms and warped RnB vocals, as the latest AI-built artist Ahlia intertwines nostalgia and creativity, for the smooth and catchy single A Check.

Building up through a multi-layered soundscape of vocal fragments and long-form verses, A Check brings a sense of instant familiarity in unison with the unique production and vocal character of a generated Ahlia. Things move along with style and confidence, ultimately resolving with the simplicity and repetition of the title and hook.

In terms of the industry’s changing tides, classic RnB somewhat maintains its place within the musical landscape, the professionalism and soulful vocal threads give it a timeless quality. However, given the genre-fusing mainstream of today, and the versatility and artistic freedom required to hit with impact, a little twist on the familiar format is always worthy of a listen.

Amidst the rise of AI, it makes sense then, to bring together the past and the present. In this case, Love Hippie and Ahlia join forces to accomplish precisely that – a single that strikes as both a yesteryear hit and a fresh take on the performance and production peaks of today.

From quiet, humble and organic beginnings, through a story inspired by romantic mistakes and the choice to focus instead on the drive to succeed, A Check introduces an AI-powered Ahlia in a manner that will no doubt draw interest in all future releases. A motivational and smoothly presented track.

Download A Check via Apple or Deezer. Find Indie Music Label AI on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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